Begining Programming - Part II

By Brad Moore

copyright 2003 - All rights reserved. Publication by permission only.

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This is the second in a series of articles dedicated to helping the non-programmer begin writing programs using Liberty BASIC. This issue is dedicaed to learning to "think" like the computer and approaching your programming task from a deliberate, planned position. You will find the following sections included herein:

Lets begin...

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Section One

  • Introduction to the Process of Programming
  • Analysis of a Process

Section Two

  • Pseudo-Code
  • Waiter - There are Flaws in my Pseudo-code
  • Introducing the Flow Chart

Section Three

  • Review From Lesson I
  • Variables - The Building Blocks of Programs
  • A New Command
  • Meet the Array

Section Four

  • Translating Our Model to Code
  • A Sample Run

Section Five

  • The Program - Ready to Run

Section Six

  • A Challenge