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Welcome to part three in our series. By now you should have a few basic concepts in programming down. One of the most important things to understand is variables and they are defined and used. We covered that in both part one and again in part two.

You should be able to create a both a string variable and a numeric variable and assign it a value. If you do not think you can, please re-read parts one and two of this series.

In addition to variables you should be starting to understand a little bit of the BASIC language syntax. Syntax is just a fancy word to describe the specific ways words go together. In the case of Liberty Basic the words are Basic language commands and the syntax is the rules for using them.

We have covered quite a few commands already. You should be comfortable with the following commands: PRINT, INPUT, IF-THEN-END IF and GOTO. Again, if you are not, now is the time for review - go back and read the first two parts again.

So, if you are ready, lets get going. Here are the links to the various sections in this article:

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Section One: Answering the Challenge

Section Two: Building on Arrays

Section Three: What About Windows

Section Four: The Next Challenge

Appendices: A, B and C