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Liberty Basic Connection

Welcome Back...

This is the fourth installment of the continuing Liberty Basic Beginners Programming Series. We have written a few programs together, and I hope you have also done some of your own along the way. We dove into the brave world of arrays (where many fear to tread) and have come out unscathed. Last time we began to tinker with Liberty Basic's Windows based dialog widgets. This time we will build a bit further on that as we attempt to answer the challenge from part three.

As I expressed in the earlier installment of this series, I hope you are getting some level of comfort with the language and that you are able to write simple programs on your own. Completing the challenge assignments that have appeared at the end of the last couple installments is a great way to stretch your wings before you must actually fly alone. I hope you are taking advantage of these opportunities.

Here is something new with the installment: a glossary. As we are going to begin to pickup the momentum a bit, and we will be introducing several new terms each time, we will be using a glossary section (at the end of the article) to explain these new terms. Items you will find in the glossary will be formatted as such: glossary term and will be hot linked in the electronic forms of this document.

So, if you are ready, lets get going. Here are the links to the various sections in this article: