Beginning Programming Series - Part 5

Section 5 : The Challenge

The challenge

The game as presented is cute and fun to create, but it does not represent very much of a challenge to play. For the challenge section I want to have you consider adding more features to the game to make the game play more interesting and challenging.

Here are some ideas:

Of course this is not a comprehensive list of improvements. If you use your imagination I am sure you could come up with you own ideas. I would be most interested in seeing what people do with this. It is fun and an interesting diversion. Give it a shot. If you feel like sharing any of your creations, then post them to the FTP server at: [] - save the file as starquest-??????.bas and we will know what the file is for. And post a notice in the one of the forums when you upload too - the forums are at: []

One last note about this challenge. In the next issue I will not be showing you how to add each of these things to your program. We will add scoring and high score tracking to the game. We will also begin our foray into true windows programming by creating a window and working with graphics! It should be fun.


By Brad Moore

copyright 2003, all rights reserved