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(Editor's Note: Ingemar's article in this issue, Linear and Non-Linear Equation Systems, is the second scientific article that he has contributed to the Liberty BASIC newsletter. I was fascinated that an academic was using Liberty BASIC to solve scientific and engineering problems. So, I asked Ingemar to provide us with a paragraph or two about himself. It follows...)

I am a semi-retired professor of Chemical Engineering having worked 30 years at Lund University in south Sweden. I am by birth a Swedish citizen. During the last two years I have written a couple of programs in LB3 to solve Chemical Engineering problems. Before I knew about LB I used Pascal, Matlab and Scientist. Now with LB I can solve almost any problem and my programming at present is 100% LB.

When I started to use LB it was very hard to begin with even as I knew Basic very well. What really got me going was when I decided to make an address register program. I used an example by Brosco in MasteringLB2 and that helped me a lot. I got caught by LB and have improved my programming skill further. I have only scratched the surface of LB and admire all the programmers out there producing all kinds of very complicated programs. Most of my programs are oriented towards problem solving with some sort of mathematical routines as the core and around that core I build up my program.

I have spent some time in Germany, China and the US doing research and lecturing. My last visit to China was 2002 and then I used Matlab and Scientist as programming tools. For any future lecturing opportunities in China, I only will use LB3-programming to solve the problems included in the course.