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Using types with STRUCT and CALLDLL
The STRUCT statement requires that each field be typed to specify what type of data it will contain.  The CALLDLL statement also requires that each parameter passed be typed. The types are common to both STRUCT and CALLDLL. Simple data TYPES in Windows programming are often renamed versions of the types below.  A program should specify the TYPE according to the chart below.
        double(a double floating point)
        ulong(4 bytes, unsigned long integer)
        long(4 bytes, signed long integer)
        short(2 bytes, signed short integer)
        ushort, word(2 bytes, unsigned short integer)
        ptr(4 bytes, long pointer, for passing strings)
        struct(4 bytes, long pointer, for passing structs)
        void, none(a return type only, used when a function doesn't return a value)
        boolean(true/false expression)

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