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graphicbox #handle.ext, xOrg, yOrg, width, height
The graphicbox is a control that can be added to any window type.  It understands all of the commands of that are used in a window of type "graphics."
The #handle part must be the same as the window that will contain the graphicbox.  The .ext part must be unique for the graphicbox.
xOrg & yOrg 
These specify the position of the graphicbox as measured in pixels in x and y from the upper-left corner of the window.
width & height 
These specify the width and height of the textbox in pixels.
It should be noted that graphics windows and graphicboxes are intended for drawing graphics.  It is not advisable to place controls within them, since some controls do not work properly when placed in graphicboxes or graphics windows.  If there is a need for text display within a graphicbox or graphics window, use the graphics text capabilities rather than a statictext control.
Jump to commands for graphics commands
The following commands are sent to a graphicbox. When a graphicbox is disabled, it can no longer capture keyboard and mouse events.
print #handle.ext, "setfocus"
This causes the control to receive the input focus. This means that any keypresses will be directed to the control.
print #handle.ext, "enable"
This causes the control to be enabled.
print #handle.ext, "disable"
This causes the control to be inactive. It can no longer capture mouse and keyboard events.
print #handle.ext, "show"
This causes the control to be visible.
print #handle.ext, "hide"
This causes the control to be hidden or invisible.

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