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bmpsave "bmpName", "filename.bmp"
This saves a named bitmap to the specified filename.  The named bitmap can be obtained either from the LOADBMP command or the GETBMP graphics command.  The bitmap will be saved to disk in the same resolution as the user's display resolution.  If the user's display is setup for 32-bit color, then the bitmap will be in 32-bit format, for instance.  If a full path isn't given for the saved bitmap, it will be saved in the program's DefaultDir$.
    'generate some graphics and save them to disk
    open "Ellipses" for graphics as #1
        print #1, "trapclose [quit]"
        print #1, "down"
        print #1, "place 130 130"
        for x = 30 to 230 step 10
            print #1, "ellipse "; x ; " "; 260 - x
        next x
        print #1, "flush"
        print #1, "getbmp drawing 1 1 250 250"
        bmpsave "drawing", "ellipses.bmp"
    close #1

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