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NOTICE "string expression"
This command pops up a dialog box which displays "string expression" and includes an OK button, which the user presses after the message is read. Pressing the ENTER key also closes the notice dialog box.
"string expression"
Two forms are allowed.  If "string expression" has no carriage return character (ASCII 13), then the title of the dialog box is 'Notice' and "string expression" is the message displayed inside the dialog box.  If "string expression" does have a Chr$(13), then the part of "string expression" before Chr$(13) is used as the title for the dialog box, and the part of "string expression" after Chr$(13) is displayed as the message inside.  Further Chr$(13) will force line breaks into the text contained in the message.
    notice "Super Stats is Copyright 2001, Mathware"
    notice "Fatal Error!" + chr$(13) + "The entry buffer is full!"

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