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GROUPBOX #handle.ext, "label", x, y, wide, high
This command adds a groupbox to a window or dialog box.  Other controls added to the owning window which overlap the displayed area of the groupbox will be nested inside the groupbox.  This is particularly useful for radiobuttons.  It is possible for only one radiobutton in a radio-set to be "set" at one time.  The groupbox allows the window to have multiple radio-sets of radiobuttons.  Only one of all radiobuttons in a groupbox will be allowed to be in a set state.  Click on one to set it, and all the others will be reset.
This must be the same #handle as the window that contains the groupbox.  ".ext" is an optional unique extension unique to the groupbox.
This is the caption or text label that appears on the groupbox.
x, y
These parameters determine where to position the groupbox relative to the upper left corner of the window workspace.
wide, high
These parameters specify how wide and high the groupbox will be in pixels.
For information on creating controls with different background colors, see Colors and the Graphical User Interface.
print #handle.ext, "a string"
This changes the text displayed on the control.  This command sets the contents (the visible label) to be "a string".  The handle must be of form #handle.ext that includes a unique extension so that commands can be printed to the control.
print #handle.ext, "!locate x y width height"
This repositions the control in its window.  This only works if the control is placed inside window of type "window".  The control will not update its size and location until a REFRESH command is sent to the window.  See the RESIZE.BAS example program.
print #handle.ext, "!font facename pointSize"
This sets the control's font to the specified face and point size.  If an exact match cannot be found, then Liberty BASIC will try to find a close match, with size taking precedence over face.  For more on specifying fonts read How to Specify Fonts
      print #handle.ext, "!font times_new_roman 10"
print #handle.ext, "!enable"
This causes the control to be enabled.
print #handle.ext, "!disable"
This causes the control to be inactive and grayed-out.
print #handle.ext, "!show"
This causes the control to be visible.
print #handle.ext, "!hide"
This causes the control to be hidden or invisible.

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