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Binary Files
To access a file in binary mode, it must be opened with the OPEN statement.  When it is no longer needed, and before the program ends, it must be closed with the CLOSE statement.  See also: FiledialogFile Operations, Path and Filename.
In binary access mode, bytes are written to the file or read from the file as characters. See Chr$( n ).  Use the SEEK command to seek to the desired point in the file for reading or writing.  This sets the file pointer to the location specified.  Use the LOC(#handle) function to retrieve the current position of the file pointer.  The current position of the file pointer is used when reading or writing data to a binary file. 
Data is read from the file with the INPUT statement.
Data is written to the file with the PRINT statement.  Binary mode never writes line delimiters when printing to the file. Line delimiters include carriage returns, which are chr$(13) and line feeds, which are chr$(10).
'binary file access
open "myfile.ext" for binary as #handle
'seek to file position
seek #handle, fpos
'get the current file position
fpos = loc(#handle)
'write a byte to the file
print #handle, chr$(143)
'read the data at the current location
input #myfile, txt$
Example Program:
'binary file example
open "myfile.bin" for binary as #myfile
txt$ = "I like programming with Liberty BASIC."
print "Original data in file is:  ";txt$
'write some data to the file
print #myfile, txt$
'retrieve the position of the file pointer
nowPos = LOC(#myfile)
'move the filepointer
nowPos = nowPos - 14
seek #myfile, nowPos
'read the data at the current location
input #myfile, txt$
'print txt$ in mainwin
print "Data at ";nowPos;" is: ";txt$
'move the filepointer
seek #myfile, 2
'write some data to the middle of the file
print #myfile, "love"
print str$(loc(#myfile) - 2); " bytes written"
'move the file pointer to the beginning
seek #myfile, 0
'read the data
input #myfile, txt$
'print data in mainwin
print "New Data is: ";txt$
'close the file
close #myfile

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