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Compiler Reporting
Liberty BASIC includes compiler reporting.  This means that the compiler has a mechanism for reporting interesting things it finds while compiling.  For example, if a program has two variable names which are the same except for their capitalization, the reporter will find this.  Here is an example:
maxnum = 200
MaxNum = 300
Running a program containing the lines above anywhere in the code causes the compiler reporting pane to appear at the bottom of the Liberty BASIC editor.  It reports:
similar variables:  maxnum, MaxNum
Another example is variables with similar names. If one variable is called names$, but there is another string variable name$ (no letter 's', a common mistake), the reporter will mention it.
name$ = "Carl"
names$ = "Gundel"
If the lines above are contained in a program, the compiler reports:
string variable warning:  name$, names$
Here is a picture of the compiler report pane:
Image compilerreport.GIF
Hiding the Compiler Report Pane
The compiler report pane takes up a significant amount of workspace at the bottom of the Liberty BASIC editor.  It can be hidden by right-clicking the mouse within the report pane and choosing "Hide" from the menu.

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