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The Gui Designer, FreeForm, has been an important part of Liberty BASIC for a long time.  It is a utility that allows you to lay out your program windows in a graphical way.  You can simply click and drag with the mouse to add controls to a window, move them, and size them.  GUI stands for Graphical User Interface.  This interface is all of the controls that appear on a window that allow the user to interact with the program.
When the look of the window is satisfactory, you may save the template for future use.  You may also choose to produce the code to create this window, or choose to produce the code to create the window, plus an outline that includes stubs for all of the controls included in the window.
FreeForm is included in code form as well as in tokenized form.  You can run the tokenized version from the RUN menu.  FreeForm is open source software.  Feel free to modify it to suit your own needs and preferences.  Many enthusiastic Liberty BASIC programmers have written modified versions of FreeForm over the years and many of these modifications are part of the version of FreeForm that is included with Liberty BASIC.

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