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The Timer Statement
Liberty BASIC includes a timer statement which uses the computer's hardware timer.  Most PCs have a timer with a resolution of approximately 56 milliseconds which ticks 18 times a second.  The timer allows the addition of a clock to a program, or or it allows the program to wake up every few seconds to check for some condition, or it can be used to control the rate of animation of a game.  There are other uses as well. 
The TIMER command specifies how many milliseconds to wait between timer signals.  One second is 1000 milliseconds.  It also specifies a routine to serve as an event handler.  The timer may be turned off and then back on.
Here is a short example:
  timer 3000, [threeSeconds]
  timer 0
  confirm "Three seconds have passed.  Do it again?"; repeat
  if repeat then
    timer 3000, [threeSeconds]
  end if
See also:  TIMER

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