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Icon Editor
The Icon Editor can be found in the "Setup" menu.  Use it to create or modify icons and embed them into the runtime engine for your programs.
The icon editor can make new icons or open existing icon files.  It can save icons as icon files, or it can replace the icon in the runtime engine with the icon viewed in the icon editor.
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Making Icons
Liberty BASIC requires 16-color icons.  Use the Icon Editor to create new icons or to modify existing icons.  To start from an existing icon, choose "Open Icon" from the "File" menu.  To start a new icon, either start drawing with the mouse by holding down the left mouse button and dragging, or choose "New Icon" from the "File" menu to clear the Icon Editor and begin a new icon.  If the   radiobutton is checked, drawing will be opaque.  If the radiobutton is checked, drawing will will mark transparent areas of the icon.  These appear in the color cyan on the grid in the editor.  To change the color of the drawing, choose the desired color from the "Color" menu.
Icons may be saved by choosing "Save Icon" from the "File" menu.
Changing the Runtime Icon
The runtime engine is a copy of run.exe that has been renamed to match the TKN for the program created with Liberty BASIC.  When you are finshed editing the icon in the icon editor,you can insert it into the runtime engine by choosing "Save to Runtime EXE" from the "File" menu.  You don't need to save it as an icon file first.  When an icon has been embedded within the runtime engine, it will display in file lists in Windows Explorer, it will appear if a desktop shortcut is created, and it will appear in the titlebar of the running program.
Here is an example that starts with a copy of the runtime engine called freeform.exe.  To install an icon which already been created:
- Start Liberty BASIC if needed
- Click on the "Setup" menu and choose "Icon Editor"
- Click on the "File" menu in the Icon Editor and open the icon file, named freeform.ico
- To install the icon in the freeform.exe file, Click on "File" and then choose "Write Icon To Module"
- Find the freeform.exe file in the file dialog that appears, select it, and click on Ok
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