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The Liberty BASIC INI file
Liberty BASIC uses a file called lbasic4.ini to store preferences.  Even the application runtime engine uses some of the information in this file (if it finds the file on startup).  Here is a detailed description of its format (descriptive comments are not part of the file information):
editfont courier_new 9         - editor font
printfont courier_new 11       - printer font
true                           - confirm exit of Liberty BASIC
false                          - display execution complete notice
true                           - put Kill BASIC Programs in all system menus
true                           - show compile progress
false                          - start full screen
true                           - make backup of source code when run/debug
true                           - open with initial file
welcome.bas                    - initial file to load
true                           - use syntax coloring
64                             - mainwindow columns
24                             - mainwindow rows
false                          - reload more recent file
F:\bak\                        - backup pathname
true                           - enable compiler reporting
bas                            - source file extension
2 externals                    - say how many externals there are
Notepad                        - name of first external program
notepad.exe                    - external program specification
Error Log                      - name of second external program
notepad.exe error.log          - external program specification
1 recent files                 - say how many recent files there are
welcome.lba                    - first recent file
EOF                            - end of file marker
The runtime engine will use the default values for editfont, printfont, and for the mainwin columns and rows.

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