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Lesson Browser

Lesson Browser Setup

Liberty BASIC includes a lesson browser.  The lesson browser has the ability to link tutorials and comments with executable code, making it a perfect venue for creating lessons and demonstration programs.  If a file selected with OPEN from the FILE menu has an extension of "lsn", it will open in the lesson browser.

Here is the Liberty BASIC lesson browser in action:

Image lesson.GIF

The left side of the lesson browser has a Table Of Contents (TOC). There are chapters, and sections inside the chapters. Clicking on one of the names in the TOC causes that part of the lesson to display. The text or comments for the lesson will display in the upper right pane. The comments can be scrolled if the text doesn't all fit in the pane. Any accompanying code goes in the bottom right pane. Choosing RUN, either with the RUN button on the toolbar, or the RUN command in the RUN menu, causes the code in the code pane to be executed. The code can be modified as desired, and run multiple times.

Writing Lessons

A new lesson can be created by selecting NEW from the FILE menu, which offers the choice of creating a new BASIC program, or a new LESSON. If LESSON is chosen, a default empty lesson displays in the lesson browser. It looks like this:


Image lessonnew.GIF

A right-click in the TOC pane on the left pops up a menu with choices to give the lesson a name, or to add a chapter.  If "Rename" is chosen from this menu, an input box will pop up.  The desired name should be entered there.  If "New Chapter" is chosen from the menu, an input box will pop up to input name the chapter.
Image lessonwrite.GIF
Once a chapter has been added, a right-click activates a new menu with choices to rename the chapter, delete it, or add a section. 
A click on the lesson name, chapter name, or section name in the TOC causes the comments for that item to display in the comment pane and the code to display in the code pane. It is easy to add to or edit the comments and code. 
The lesson is saved by choosing SAVE from the FILE menu. It will be saved with the extension "lsn." 

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