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Using a different code editor
You may use a third-party editor to create and modify Liberty BASIC code.  You can even write your own code editor in Liberty BASIC!  In order to run the code with Liberty BASIC from another program, use the following startup options to LIBERTY.EXE:
-R Run a BAS file on startup
-D Debug a BAS file on startup
--------the following three are in the registered version only--------
-T Make a TKN file from a BAS file on startup
-A Automatically Exit LB on completion of BAS file
-M Minimize the Liberty BASIC editor on startup
  LIBERTY -R -M PROG.BAS     'run PROG.BAS with editor minimized
  LIBERTY -T -A PROG.BAS     'create a TKN file from PROG.BAS then exit
  LIBERTY -D PROG.BAS        'run the debugger on PROG.BAS
As it appears when used in a code editor written in Liberty BASIC:
  RUN "LIBERTY -R -M PROG.BAS"     'run PROG.BAS with editor minimized
  RUN "LIBERTY -T -A PROG.BAS"     'create a TKN file from PROG.BAS then exit
  RUN "LIBERTY -D PROG.BAS"        'run the debugger on PROG.BAS

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