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This statement is used to immediately terminate execution of a program.  If any files or devices are still open (see CLOSE) when execution is terminated, then Liberty BASIC will close them and present a dialog expressing this fact.  It is good programming practice to close files and devices before terminating execution.
Note:  The STOP statement is functionally identical to END and is interchangable.  Also, make sure that when a program is finished running that it terminates properly with an END statement.  Otherwise the program's windows may all be closed, giving the illusion that it has stopped running, but it will still be resident in memory and may still consume processor resources.
  print "Preliminary Tests Complete."
  input "Would you like to continue (Y/N) ?"; yesOrNo$
  yesOrNo$ = left$(yesOrNo$, 1)
  if yesOrNo$ = "y" or yesOrNo$ = "Y" then [continueA]
  ifYesOrNo$ = 'n" or yesOrNo$ = "N" then end
  print "Please answer Y or N."
  goto [askAgain]
...some more code here...
end  'more than one end statement is allowed

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